The End

The end book cover 2400x2400The End *Click Picture for a YouTube Sample*  Now on FREE with 30 day trial membership.

Narrated by Dan Curtis.

The End is the story of a nuclear holocaust that hits the United States. Every warm blooded animal in North America, Central America and part of South America is instantly vaporized without even knocking out the electricity. This is the story of a handful of survivors. Every great civilization in the history of the world has failed at some point. I’m sure that each thought they were different, that certainly their civilization would survive forever. History shows that such will probably not be the case.There is still a Rome. There is still a Russia. This book deals with a handful of people and how they survive the virtual elimination of the entire population of the continent of North America. We become victims of our own technology. This could happen.

Be sure to read, Vagabonds. The new book in the series that takes off where this one leaves off.


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