Two a Day Workout 18+

Two A Day Workout

“This is a work in progress” and may never get finished.

A short story by Dave Erickson                                                      Copyright 2014                                                  All Rights Reserved

My friends always say, “Carter, you look good for a man your age.”

My age. As though 53 is already one foot underground. They offer the compliment yet I cannot help from sensing a slight tinge of envy. Sure nature has blessed me with a tall and lean frame, and my blonde curly hair is intact. If I’m honest with myself, my mind is stuck in my mid-twenties, but the body does require some work.

I hit the gym daily, that’s where I’m coming from right now. I also bike and run to keep my heart in shape and maintain a sinewy muscle tone.

To make my stats seem even more perfect, I’ve been a successful man. After many years of technology sales I decided to combine my love for cars with my technical expertise. But before I could do that, I had to learn the car sales business. Car sales had always been an unpleasant experience and my goal was to change that for my customers. My motto was, respect and honesty would make me successful and my customers loyal.

I quickly realized the dealership lacked the technology to build and maintain strong customer relationships. As my father always said, “Find a need and fill it, everyone will beat a path to your door to use it.” Since I was a bit of a geek and loved technology, I decided to use my expertise to create a program to help the dealership track customers’ buying habits and maintain friendly contact. My dealership was receptive to my new program and initiated the technology with great success.

I began contacting other local dealers and they embraced the new technology too. Soon I was traveling, presenting, and selling my software to most dealers throughout the country. I left the dealership to build my new company. I was working for myself and making great money. Most of all, I was satisfied. Satisfied to do something fulfilling that I created.

Then one day, I was contacted by a major software and services company. They were interested in discussing the purchase of my company. I was smart to have ‘hooks’ in my software to their accounting and invoicing software, so it was natural that they would be interested. After months of negotiations, I learned that they were interested to the tune of $40,000,000.

I became an instant millionaire and learned quickly that money is both a blessing and a curse. I ended up keeping my fortune a secret to avoid friendships built from bad intentions. I did, however, become close friends with attorneys and accountants who helped me secure and invest my money.

My personal life lacked the same zeal as my professional life. I was married for 30 years and my wife suddenly died from a rare form of cancer that took her very quickly. We never had the opportunity to share and enjoy our new found wealth.

Our marriage was a friendly one, but the passion and intimacy had dissipated mid-way through our lives together. We loved each other, but we were no longer ‘in’ love. I felt alone most days, even when she was there. We never fought, though, we never talked either. We just occupied the empty space in our home.

After my wife’s death, I didn’t go out much. My life was consumed with my personal fitness and the mundane realities of a single home life. I began to fill my time with reading, which was something I

enjoyed, but never had the time or opportunity to indulge myself with books. I read everything I could get my hands on. All genres interested me. Reading took me to a place in my mind where I could escape the pain of loneliness.

On one particular day, as I did most days, I stopped at my local grocery store to get my dinner for the evening. Shopping for groceries wasn’t a loved chore, though, I think I did it daily to fill time and forge forward with a routine. However, I loved the atmosphere in the store. I felt a surreal sense of calm as I wandered the aisles and contemplated what I’d prepare.

Well, on that one special day, while I was wandering the aisles, my eyes caught a glimpse of the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She just floated through the store, as if on a cloud. She was perfect in my eyes.

I remembered what a friend had told me years before, that the best place to meet women was at the grocery store. I always thought he was joking, but I decided to put his theory to the test. Certainly, I didn’t want to appear like I was stalking her, but I wanted to keep her in my sight.

The feeling of the hunt turned me on more than I could have ever expected. I was inept and out of practice in the pursuit of women. I didn’t know what I was going to say to her, or how I would approach her, but I knew I had to at least say something before she was gone forever.

She appeared in her thirties. Her long black hair and cream colored skin were a beautiful and alluring contrast. Her body was almost perfect from what I could tell. But it was her face that took my attention. She had large lips, azure eyes, and a nose like a little button. She was both cute and shockingly attractive, as if she had been created by a designer and put together with perfection in mind.

My ploy was to look in the bakery aisle and act puzzled over the choices.

I mustered my courage and seized the moment, “Can you help me?” She turned to face me and the full assault of her beauty nearly had me choked up. I cleared my throat, “I’m trying to bake a cake from scratch and I have no idea what to buy or how to do it.”

My sorry excuse for grocery store dating didn’t seem to detract her attention.

“Why are you baking? Have your wife do that.”

My wife? She subtly inquired about my relationship status. I thought that was a good sign, so I forged ahead. I told her I was a widower and that I wanted to try something new.

My explanation seemed to please her, “Sure I will be happy to help you. What is your favorite flavor of cake?”

I replied with a bit of a stutter, “Any flavor will do, as long as you are helping me bake it.”

I didn’t know where the courage came from, but I wished I had thought through my stupid remark. Surely, she saw me as an idiot and planned to run in the opposite direction.

“You are cute; I haven’t had a man make a silly proposition to me in years.”

I smiled, excited she found me cute, though it was a term that could get a man lucky, or leave him single for the rest of his life.

“My name is Julia, what’s yours?”

Feeling like the former of the term was in play, I answered readily, “Carter.”

“You seem harmless and I like your style,” she added as we shook hands.

I never thought of myself as having a style, but I happily accepted her compliment. Julia helped me pick out what I needed and unfortunately, she bid me good luck and we parted ways.

I was left standing in the baking aisle, unsure how the meeting went so quickly, and sporting a large problem. Yes, beautiful Julia gave me more than baking advice and given my well-endowed size, getting turned on in public was never a good thing for me. Even loose fitting clothing couldn’t hide my size.

So there I stood, with an erection of the ages, in the baking aisle of a fucking grocery store. I knew my only salvation was to get the hell out of there and take care of my problem in private. I resigned myself to the fact that masturbating was the only action I’d get.

Masturbating took care of the imminent need, but lacked my desire for intimacy. It became a lonely act after a while. My love of erotica was my only connection to my fantasies and I enjoyed erotica, but the closeness of a woman was my true desire.

Several days later I was going about my routine of working-out and shopping for my daily ingredients when I heard a singsong voice say, “Hey handsome, come here often?”

My heart began to pound in my chest and my mouth went dry. I almost couldn’t speak.

“Why yes, I do, have we met?”

By the playful look in her eyes, I could tell she was pleased to see me again.

“Well, I guess I’m not very memorable,” she teased.

Oh yes she was! She was the most memorable woman I’d ever seen.

“Now I remember, you helped me with my baking lessons.”

She laughed, “I’m always available for any cooking tips you may need.”

Unfortunately, when she lifted her left hand to shift her hair, I noticed a wedding ring. She was married and I thought it best to leave her alone.

“I like to cook, but cooking for only one is lonely, and my husband is never home to enjoy meals.”

I could see where this was going and, though, I just reminded myself to leave her alone, I was hopeful.

I let my morals shift and my curiosity ignite. “Why is he never home?”

Ah, she too displayed a hopeful look in her deep eyes. “He’s an executive for a busy corporation and he travels throughout the week.” She added with a forlorn look, “He’s always gone.”

“I’m sorry you are alone so often. Maybe we could cook for each other one night? Just as friends, of course.” The moment the words left my mouth, I knew a platonic relationship with her would require immense self-control on my part.

“I would love that.”

Her terse yet enthusiastic response had my dick swelling.

And like an idiot I said, “It’s a date.”

She smiled and we parted, yet again.

As she walked away I gave one last attempt to sealing a date, “Do you come here often?”

She turned and her dark hair flowed around her beautiful face, “Every day,” she answered with a roguish grin.

I nodded and half grinned back at her, “Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Nothing unordinary occurred the next day. Read, workout, and shop. I was getting bored and lonely. Many days, I thought I’d go crazy from the monotony of my life. I hoped desperately to see my new fantasy woman again. I’d been fantasizing about the many wonderful things we could do together if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Thinking about Julia and the possibility of having sex with a beautiful woman again gave me a constant erection. During my workouts, I had to wear looser shorts to hide my excitement.

With a semi-erection and a bit of over excitement, I wandered the grocery store, searching for Julia.

And there she was, floating down the aisles like a dream. We walked up to each other without saying a word.

“Hey handsome, you ready to go do some cooking?”

Her tone and facial expressions were laced with innuendo and I nearly came in my pants. Without hesitation I replied, “Oh yes, I would love to cook with you.”

“Follow me; we can go to my house.”

My heart beat so fast, I was getting dizzy. Just the thought of being in a private place with her excited me, and the thought of getting closer to her body was almost more than I could mentally handle. I felt like I’d pass out from the excitement.

I followed her at a safe distance to avoid the appearance of leaving together. She wore a long silk summer dress. When the sun illuminated through the silk, I caught a glimpse of her bare skin beneath her dress. She wasn’t wearing any panties or a bra. Her figure was perfection and again, my manhood awakened at the sight of her body.

We got to our cars, she drove a brand-new BMW and I was in the old beater I drove to draw less attention to my wealth. I only drove my nice cars at night. I didn’t know Julia well and I wanted her to like me for more than my net worth.

She pulled out of the parking lot and I tried to keep my distance as we drove to her home. She turned down a driveway that was lined with huge trees. It seemed like we traveled forever to reach her house.

“I couldn’t help but notice your car, are you unemployed?”

“Currently, I am not working.” I was trying to be evasive, but honest.

“I can have my husband find you some work at his company if you’d like?”

“No, I’m okay for now.”

I helped take her bags from the car and I followed her into the kitchen.

“So, let’s begin.” She moved around the kitchen pulling together the ingredients to bake a cake.

I thought maybe I had misunderstood her, and we were really just going to bake. Yet, as she moved past me she rubbed against me. I could smell her perfume and it was getting me hot. Her beauty and grace intoxicated me and the way she subtly touched me as she moved was sexy. I was getting so turned on by now that I could not keep my erection in check. I wanted her so badly, but it seemed we were going to bake!

As I stood there trying to remain calm, my mind was racing. My heart pounded in my chest and my erection was full. Suddenly, she dropped the bag of flour and it burst all over us. Flour covered the front of my pants and highlighted my now erect cock.

Julia flushed, “I’m so clumsy, I’m sorry. Let me find something for you to change into. If you want, I can wash your clothes?”

She noticeably glanced over the bulge in the front of my pants and I decided to be bold and take a chance that she was equally turned on. I removed my shirt.

She closed the distance between us and began whipping my body with a kitchen sponge, first my face, then my chest. Her touch was gentle, but firm and she smelled so good. As she moved across my body, whipping and smiling, I thought I would cum in my pants.

She touched the waist band of my pants, “You will need to remove all your clothes so I can put them in the wash.”

I was breathing heavily and my cock throbbed. Julia began to undress me, slowly. As she removed my pants, my erection popped out at full attention.

She smiled, “Well, what have we here?” she asked at her hand wrapped around my cock. “Oh my! What the hell is that?” She leaned back to get a better look, “I didn’t know they came in that size.”

She whipped my throbbing cock with her sponge and gently caressed my balls. I thought I was going to cum in her hands.

“I’m glad you approve,” I said awkwardly.

She seemed not to hear. She just kept moving her delft hands, wiping and stroking me gently.

Playfully she proposed, “I think we will have to do something with that.” She reached down and pulled the loose fabric of her dress over her head and let it drop to the floor.

I needed her so badly. She stood before me completely naked; her nipples glistened with flour and had gotten erect and hard like my cock. I was struck motionless and speechless.

She knelt before me and began to kiss my throbbing hard on. The thought of a beautiful woman undressing me was almost more than I could take, but having Julia naked and on her knees before me was an overwhelming turn on. My erection was harder than I could ever remember and her lips placing soft kisses over my shaft had me losing control.

Julia’s eyes shone with anticipation and sweat beaded on her brow. I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I reached out and lifted her to the island. I raised her ankles up to my shoulders and began kissing her flour covered body. I moved slowly across her chest, barely touching and teasing her nipples. I enjoyed teasing her, but the smell of her perfume and her wet juices mingled; teasing me to explore more of her body. I gently and slowly moved to her wet cunt. I licked her dripping lips and began to plunge my tongue in and out of her. I wanted my cock in her warmth, but I also wanted to please her with my oral skills. It had been so long since I had my tongue in a pussy, I didn’t want to stop.

She began moaning and I could tell by her hard nipples and twitching body, she was cumming. A small orgasm set of a chain reaction leading to at least three altogether, each one more intense than the previous. I kept licking and sucking.

“I need you in me, now!” she cried out. “Please be gentle.”

I stood and began moving the head of my cock against her wet lips. Gently stroking her and pushing in a little at a time. I entered just enough to feel how tight she was and then pull back. With every push, I went deeper. She moaned with delight and pushed back as hard as she could. I picked her up from the island and with my shaft just inside her, we moved to the floor. . I eased through her folds until I was fully seated in her.

We moved in unison, first slowly, then faster and faster. I was having a hard time holding back my cum. She was so tight and her scent was so good.

Her smell and her silky soft body turned me on immensely. I wanted to smell her and taste every inch of her body. I needed to kiss her all over and remember her scent.

“Oh my God, you are so large and beautiful; I need you to fill me with your warm cum.”

As we fucked, I began slapping her ass. She squealed with delight. She loved being spanked and I was enjoying doing it. I dominated her and we both relished in our roles. I wanted her to have multiple orgasms before I shot my load. She must have had at least six orgasms, each one more intense. Finally, she screamed, “Give it all to me baby, fill me with your cum.”

I pumped some more and I felt my erection about to explode. I came in her like a fire hose. Our juices flowed like rivers of delight. My cock just kept pumping and pumping. God it felt so good to be with a woman again.

And as if by magic, we both climaxed at the same time. Our bodies were as one, complete and harmonious. We rolled over and just laid there for a few minutes, exhausted by the workout and sweet sex. It was more intense than I had ever imagined it would be.

Finally, she got up and rather nonchalantly asked, “Tomorrow, same time?”

Over the next few weeks, we met every day. Always at the grocery store and always the same routine. I didn’t tell her about my financial circumstance, but then why did she need to know? I fulfilled a need that she had and she did the same for me. And plus, my work-outs increased to twice a day.


Chapter 2

I have been to the store several times in the past few days but Julia has not been there. Today I decided to drive by her home to see what was wrong. There was a SOLD sign in front of the long driveway. My heart was broken but it was probably for the best. She was married and I was growing tired of our “baking” anyway. Our encounters had lit a fire in me that I had never felt. I was determined to not let the fire go out.

Today is Tuesday and I just finished my morning workout. I am such a creature of habit. I showered at the club and headed directly to the store as usual. All the time I was thinking of the past weeks and how I loved the excitement of the hunt that brought me to Julia. As I was cruising the aisles, planning my dinner for that evening, someone caught my eye.  She was wearing a leather mini skirt and knee length boots with laces all the way to the top. Her breasts were hidden barely by a silk halter top and her nipples were pushing through the thin silk. Her hair was long and the way she moved it away from her face as she bent down to pick up something from the shelves was so seductive. At least in my mind. I began following her from a safe distance so as not to appear to be stalking her but I was. It made me feel like a lion stalking his prey and I loved that feeling. She was so fucking hot I began to feel myself begin to grow. I really didn’t want that to happen because I had my gym shorts on and no underwear. I was so self conscious of my size and I could not let that happen. My shorts were way to short for that to happen.  We both turned the corner of the aisle at the same time and almost ran head on into each other. I knocked her box of cereal on the floor. I could smell her perfume and it was so sweet smelling. Similar to what Julia wore but somehow much more sexy. My wife had never worn perfume because of allergies. I loved the smell of perfume. It created memories and I could not help to think of me as a predator and her as prey. I wanted to sniff the air and take in the scent as if to fill my senses. I think I even let out a low growl. Where the hell did that come from. It felt good to be the hunter. “I am so sorry, I said”. “I was daydreaming and I didn’t notice you”. We bent down in unison to retrieve the package from the floor. As she bent down I could see her nipples now. They were huge and erect. Instantly my greatest fear began to happen. My erection was growing now and there was no stopping it. “I apologize for being so distracted and making you drop  your cereal”. “I am so sorry”. “No need to be sorry, it was an accident’. Her voice was so low and sexy that I almost shivered. She glanced at my now almost fully erect shorts. I was peeking out through the bottom and there was no hiding my excitement. “Oh my! You have a bit of a problem there don’t you”. My face flushed with embarrassment. “Oh that, well it is kind of a problem yes”. Now I was at a loss for words because I was so caught by surprise from her comment. “Well I couldn’t help but notice your nipples and they have that effect on me”. Shit, that was a stupid statement I thought. She just laughed and said, “why do you think I wear this top”. “I love the attention I get”. “And it appears I have your full  attention”. She was giggling now like a school girl. She appeared to be in her twenties, but on closer inspection of her eyes, she had to be much older. Her body was not an indicator of her age. She seemed to enjoy my embarrassment and the results of her sexy clothes. By now I was in complete stupid mode. I could not think of anything clever or funny to say. “Well I am so sorry for being so clumsy and, well, I…I…”what’s your name”? I am so stupid I could not think of anything else to say. Why did I ask her name? She is going to walk away so fast I will feel the breeze as she leaves. “My name is Gail and what is yours”? I stammered almost forgetting my name. “Carter, just Carter. “No last name”? “Not important”. I said sharply. “Wow, aren’t you the crabby one”. “Well no, I have just had a rough day and I lost a good friend this week”. “She and I had been baking together every day and now she is gone”. “She was helping me learn to bake and now I have to do it by myself”. “I would love to bake with you”. was her instant reply. She was now fixing her eyes directly on my shorts as we chatted. I was poking way out of the bottom of my shorts and trying to hold any package I could find in my cart to hide myself. “Well, I am here every day, so if you like, we can get together sometime and we can do just that”. She smiled and said,”See ya tomorrow, I have some time to get together and we can see how well you bake”.

“Wow, did that just happen”? My mind was racing and my heart was pounding so I could feel it in my chest. I could not wait for tomorrow. Now I just had to concentrate on getting out of the store without being discovered by all the other shoppers. I think today I should use the self-checkout.

When I was a young man my parents both owned their own businesses. My dad had a meat packing plant and my mom a restaurant. I was either in school or working at one of the businesses. I did not have much of a childhood. The other kids were out playing in the summertime and I was working. I was OK with that because I always had spending money. My father was very conservative and taught me how to manage my money at an early age. As I grew older, it was more difficult to keep what I earned because the cost of being an adult was much different that being a kid. I fell in what I thought was love at the age of 26 and soon after was married. My wife was a very pretty young woman that had come from a very abusive family. I sometimes think she married me just to get away from the abuse. She was only 19 when we married and was very inexperienced at love and especially sex. She had only had sex once before and it was with a drunk boy at a party. He forced himself on her and she just gave in. That set the tone for her dislike of men, in addition to her abusive father. I was however in lust, not love so I just put up with her inhibitions on the rare occasion I could convince her to have sex with me. She really never enjoyed it but she felt it was her duty as a wife. We never shared the intimacy that most married couples wh0 are in love do.

I became very successful in my career and she in hers. We waited to have children as we just didn’t have the time or the desire for them. We had more disposable income than most of our friends and lived a very comfortable lifestyle. However, she was in charge of the money. I had no say in what we bought or even how we spent our income. Her philosophy was, what is mine is mine and what is yours is ours. I hated that but I was content not to complain. I knew she had been controlled her entire life and it made her feel good to have some control. I, however needed to be in control and it wore heavily on my mind.

When she became ill I had to take charge. I loved that. After the sale of my business I was now wealthy beyond my dreams. Unfortunately she died suddenly after we became comfortable and could not share our good fortune.

I had always been conservative but I had read somewhere about lottery winners and how within months of their new found wealth had spent everything. I was determined not to let that happen. So I hired an account and a very good attorney to manage my finances. Their job was to make sure that I did not go broke. Unfortunately, they did their jobs very well. They now controlled my fortune and spending. As they put it, we are here to make sure your money grows, not goes. Suddenly, I was no longer in control again. I felt trapped because I could not enjoy my money. They insisted I live in a modest home and drive a conservative car. I was OK with that but I wanted some control. I needed some control.

Today I was supposed to meet Gail to begin baking. I was excited to because of her look. The leather skirt, the knee high boots and the silk blouse. The way she smelled and how she would sweep her hair back. I could not get her image or scent out of my mind. Her look made my heart pound with anticipation. I was growing more bold and I began to feel like I had some control over my life. I loved the feeling of being dominant. I needed to be in control of something.

I arrived at the store to find Gail waiting near the front door. She was dressed in a long silk summer dress. Just like the one Julia had worn when we first met. It was sheer and hugged her body tightly. I could see almost every detail of her beautiful body. She was so beautiful but so very sexy. “Good morning sir, how is your day today sir”? She was acting like the Concierge at a fine hotel that just wanted to please his guests. I liked having someone that felt their duty was to serve me. It gave me a feeling of power and I craved power. “I am well. You look beautiful today”. “I am assuming we are going to bake today sir so I have taken the time to purchase the ingredients”. She was acting as if she knew my needs and desires already. Was it that obvious?

“My husband and I are separated and I am living alone now so we can bake at my house”. We walked to the parking lot and she said, “I will drive you sir if I may”. I couldn’t say much but “OK”. We drove for a few minutes and I didn’t even pay attention to where we were going. I was getting this feeling of power being served and driven by what seemed like my new servant. My heart was pounding and my mind was racing. I had never done this before. My role was never the dominant one and the feeling was making me sweat. My muscles were tensing and my body was quivering a little.

We pulled up to a modest home with flowers everywhere. Her front yard was all flowers and no lawn. The sweet smell of the beautiful landscaping filled the air. As we walked through the front door I caught a glimpse of pink leather handcuffs hanging from a hook in the living room. Her room was filled with cut flowers and they mixed with the scent of her sweet perfume. I was beginning to become very aroused at the smell and I began to sniff the air. “I hope you are enjoying my home sir, I prepared it just for you”. I walked over to her and began lightly kissing her ear and neck. I was not going to waste any time as it was obvious what she wanted and needed. I bit her neck and she began to moan. “Please sir, be gentle with me”. “I am not going to hurt you but you must do as I say”. “I want you to put your hands behind your back so I can put on these handcuffs”. “Yes sir, whatever you like sir”. She slowly removed them from the hook and put her hands behind her back. “I need to remove your dress first”. I grabbed her by the waist with one hand and pulled her dress over her head with the other. Her body was nearly perfect. Her nipples erect and large. By now I was growing larger and longer as we continued. “Now, remove my clothes and fold them neatly”. She got on her knees and removed my shorts first. Then slowly pulled my T-shirt over my head. My erection was at full attention now but I would not let her touch me. As she removed my shirt she would gently rub her breasts against me. Playing with my cock as if to tease me with them. “OK now lay over the back of the couch and I will make sure you are safe”. “Put your hands behind your back”. I slowly slipped the handcuffs over her wrists and pulled them tight. She moaned and twisted as if in pain and pleasure together. I leaned over her back and began kissing and biting her neck and back. My hands grabbed her hair and I held her head back so I could bite her whole neck. Slowly I worked my way down her sides until I reached her ass. I bit her ass hard and she screamed. “Please don’t hurt me sir”. I ignored her pleas and kept kissing and biting her. The feeling of being in total control was intoxicating. For the first time in my life I held someone’s destiny in my hands. I lowered myself to my knees and began licking her ass and pussy. I needed her to know I was in control but was being careful to not scare her. I growled and sniffed as I worked my all over her. I could smell her body begin to become wet with desire. She was beginning to get ready for me and I could feel and smell it. Like an animal in heat waiting for the male to enter. I slowly stood and began to rub my cock on her now wet pussy. I would slide in a little and then back out. Teasing her and pleasing myself at the same time. Now it was time to enter fully. I began slowly and then moved deeper and deeper. She was squirming now and moving her ass in unison with my thrusts. I began pounding her hard but slowly at first. I wanted to feel her tight cunt squeeze me as I grew longer and fatter. I started moving faster and faster. I leaned over and began biting her back and slapping her ass. I reached under and began pinching her nipples as I was now pounding her with all I had. She began to wiggle and tried to move away. “Your hurting me sir”. “It will only hurt for a while” as I continued to push harder and deeper. I could feel her nipples begin to become very hard and erect. She was about to cum and I was getting ready too. I pushed harder as she began to quiver and squeeze me tightly. I could feel the tingling sensation that I had come to feel just before I unloaded myself. “Who is in charge?” “You are sir and I love it sir”. “Ok then get ready”. “I could feel her cumming as I began to shoot my hot cum deep inside her. She was now shaking and screaming with both pain and ecstasy. Together we reached our climax and it seemed like an eternity till we both were drained.

I unmounted her and loosened the restraints. She stood and wrapped herself around me. “Hold me tight sir, I need you to hold me”. I hugged her closely and whispered in her ear, “I own you now, you are mine”. “Yes sir anything you say sir”. I held her for what seemed to be hours in order to comfort her and help her feel safe and wanted. I loved that I was able to dominate her but yet comfort her gently and give her assurance that I would never harm her. “Now get my clothes and help me get dressed”. “Then take me to my car so I can get about my day”. “Yes sir”. She was beginning to cry a little. I held her tight and said “Everything will be OK, I will protect you. I will let no one harm you”. “Just breathe deeply and relax”. “I can stay for a while if you like”. “No sir you need to get on with your day”.

We drove back to the store in total silence. When we got there she jumped out of the car and came around and opened my door for me. “I am happy you are pleased sir”.

The feeling of power and being in control was the greatest feeling I have ever had. Finally I had complete say in what happened in my life. I was eager to feel this way every day.

Today was a little different from my usual routine. Today I had to research my new found pleasure. So after my workout I went straight home and began pouring over every website I could find on BDSM. As I discovered and read more, I became very aroused and even more interested. I wasn’t sure that I was comfortable with hurting someone just to comfort them after, but I really liked the feeling of being a DOM and the power that came with it. It was now 5:00 pm and I had been doing research all day without even eating or seeing the time. My mind was spinning as I poured over the information. I became more and more aroused and could not contain my ever rising erection. It was such a turn on to fantasize about the power and satisfaction of total control over someone and their mental and physical pleasure. I began to slowly stroke my erection. I loved to masturbate and now even more. I moved slowly up and down the long shaft and played with my head with the other hand. Simulating someone’s tongue licking over my throbbing head. Fuck this felt so good. Soon I was using both hands. The tingling sensation was almost more that I could bear. Suddenly, I began to cum. First a little and then pumping my hot juice like a fire hose. It seemed to never stop. My cock was throbbing as I unloaded. I was euphoric as I drained completely. Wow, I had masturbated many times before, but this time was amazing. I know it was the excitement I felt knowing more about my new found pleasure. I must go to the store tomorrow, I must find someone special.

For a couple of days I would cruise the store in search of my friend Gail. She never showed up and I was never to see her again. I was heartbroken. She had lit a fire in me and I really needed her to help put it out. I was disappointed but determined to put out the fire.


My life has been so lonely since my wife died. Her death left a void, even though our marriage was not the best. When you are with another person for that long, you grow very close. It took me a long time to get over her death but now I am finally beginning to feel alive again. My days now are filled with anticipation and fantasy. I want and need to know more about my new found pleasure. I am nervous because I have never been this interested in anything in my life. It brings power and pleasure along with passion and caring.

Today I have a dentist appointment. I hate the dentist but I have been putting it off for so long it is now necessary. My dentist is a woman, 38 years old and divorced. I have been going to her for years and have a great professional relationship with her. She is attractive with long blonde hair that she keeps pulled back so as not to fall in her patients faces as she works. She wears perfume that is almost like the smell of her office. Spicy but sweet at the same time. The only thing I like about my visits with her is that she has such large breasts. When she is working on my teeth she bends in close and her breasts rub my arm and shoulder. I have to be so careful under the apron. So I just focus on the pain and not her sexy body. I can keep myself in check that way. Today is nothing major, just cleaning. Her hygienist has the day off so my dentist said instead of me having to come back she would clean my teeth today. It was about lunch time and her receptionist and other office staff were leaving for lunch. She closed her office from noon until about 2:00 every day to give her employees time to have lunch and run errands. She is open later so they don’t have time after work.

As I was sitting in the waiting room, I was texting back and forth with a buddy. He is crazy and loves to send me fuck videos via IM. I love to get them and sometimes they are either very hot or very funny. Today they were very hot. As I was sitting there watching his messages I began to do what I feared would happen. I had to stop reading his texts but it was almost too late. I honestly think he knew where I was and was trying to fuck with me and get me hard. Knowing there was no place to hide.

Her other patient was now done and left the office. As he left, my dentist walked over and locked the door behind him and put the “Out to Lunch” sign in the window. “There, now we won’t be disturbed for a couple of hours”. I thought, couple of hours? How long does it take to get my teeth cleaned. I know it has been a long time, but a couple of hours? I began to think back to a TV show I fell in love with, Monk. He would always say “It’s a curse………….and a blessing”. I felt like that about my manhood. Today it was a curse. My buddy had succeeded in taking me get to the point of no return. I held the magazine I was reading in front of me so as not to have her see what was happening. We walked into her office and I sat in the dentist chair. Holding my magazine close. “Put that down and put this apron on”. I didn’t want to put it down until I was covered by the apron. She pulled the magazine away and started to put the apron around my neck. As she did her tits brushed my shoulder. She really shouldn’t have done that. I began to shoot up like a missile about to launch. “Well I am delighted you are so happy to see me”. “Most patients are not so eager to be here”. I was so embarrassed. I just smiled and rearranged the apron and tried to cover up. “It’s OK, I have noticed you before”. “I have always enjoyed your visits and I have been looking forward to this one since I saw you in the appointment book”. That is why I had my girl schedule you for lunch break”. By now I was at full attention. The apron looked like a tent.

“May I just have a peek”. she said playfully. “It has been a long time for me and since we are such good friends I thought you might help me a little”. I was speechless but I also was not going to let this opportunity pass. “Please stand up and let me sit in the chair”. As she was talking I could see that she had a couple lengths of rubber hose, the kind like they use when they draw blood. She sat in the chair and asked if I would mind securing her. I had just read about this and it was fresh in my mind. I didn’t dream that I would be able to find a willing participant so soon. I tied her wrist to the arm of the chair and began to bite her neck as I bent over to secure the second wrist. She was breathing so hard now almost gasping for breath. Once she was tightly secured I began to remove her blue scrubs from her legs. She was not wearing any panties. As I pulled them down I put my head in her lap and began to bite her stomach and mound. I pulled her top up and she was wearing no bra. Her nipples were so erect but soft to my tongue. I dropped my pants and at the same time I was unbuttoning my shirt. I could not get undressed fast enough, but I also knew we had two hours so there was no rush. She laid in the chair watching my every move and licking her lips as if to be getting ready for a feast. I could see fire in her eyes and smell her perfume now mixing with her sweat and the scent of the office. It was so spicy smelling. She asked if I could step on the pedal on the floor and recline the chair. As I moved the chair back more and more, she began to raise her legs up towards the ceiling. The light she used to see into her patients was on and shining on her tan skin. Her pussy was obviously waxed because it was so smooth. “No need for foreplay, I need you to drill me like I do my patients”. “I want it to hurt but not too much”. “You don’t need to be gentle, just take me”. My manhood was throbbing now and I just moved in close, straddling her chair with my legs and moving in closer. Beginning with her neck and moving to her beautiful breasts, I began to nibble and bite her. Every time I did she squealed with excitement.  She would arch her back and moan as I worked my way down her beautiful tan body. As I began to lick her clit and push my tongue in her wet cunt, she began squirming. “I don’t want your fucking tongue, I want that giant cock in my pussy”. “I need to to slide in all the way and punish me for hurting others”. “I have been a bad girl and this is your chance to get even with me for the pain I have caused”. I took my cock and began moving up and down just inside her lips. Each time pushing in a little more. Finally I began to move in with every inch I had. Faster and faster I moved, in and out and faster and faster. I was like a machine now, pumping her as fast and hard as I could. She began to quiver and her cunt began to close up tight on my hard shaft. At the same time I was growing fatter and longer in her. Her back was arched now and she was screaming and shaking. I could tell by her nipples she was  beginning to cum. Her hips shook as I kept up the pace until she started yelling for me to stop. I just kept fucking her as hard and fast as I could. She wanted to be punished and I was doing just that. I could begin to feel that familiar tingling and throbbing just before my orgasm. My cock was like when your foot falls asleep. Tingling so much I was shaking but I didn’t stop. I knew it was time to unload. As my cum began to pump into her I just kept working. Harder and faster. She was having her fifth or sixth orgasm now and still begging me to stop. When I knew I had no more to deposit. I began to slow down as I began to go limp. She was crying now and shaking. I got off the chair and leaned over had untied the restraints. I held her in my arms as she sat up and she hugged me so tightly. We sat for a long time as I whispered in her ear that it would be alright. I reached over to her cabinet and gave her a bottle of juice. She had some chocolate that she was saving as a treat for her child patients so I gave her some of that too. She was alright now and she should just breathe and relax. She melted in my arms and gave herself completely to me. I loved the feeling of soothing her mind and body. I wanted her to know she was safe and that her punishment was over. We just held each other until almost 1:45. “We need to get dressed and get your teeth cleaned”. I sat back in the chair and she smiled and said, “I promise never to hurt you again”.


My life has become so confusing. I want a normal life and stop obsessing about sex and just live peacefully with good friends who I can share my time with. I love the feeling of power, but at the same time I hate the thought of hurting someone. My research has started to take my mind to a place I am not sure I want to be. I have found that some women want to be dominated and have me in control, but I am a gentle man by nature and that role is just not me.

Today I got up and really didn’t feel like working out. I am so mad at myself because I feel like I am letting my body down. It is such work to stay in shape and I am afraid if I take a day off I might begin to get lazy. However, I just can’t pull my self to the club today. I always like reading but my library is full of books I have already read at least twice. So, still in my pajama pants, I have decided to the library to get something new. Hopefully something interesting and not about sex. I need a hobby or something to take my mind away from my obsession. Something light and fun. I have always wanted to try my hand at woodworking. I love to create stuff with my hands.

The library in my town is very new. There is beautiful landscaping surrounding a large stone building. It has an inviting walkway leading up to very large carved doors. Almost like entering another world. I can smell the flowers as I walk slowly towards the door, anticipating changing my life with a new found treasure awaiting me on the other side of those doors. I walk in and the smell of books is so pleasant. There is a little coffee shop just inside the door and the smell of coffee and fresh baked pastry, mixing with the aroma of the books is soothing. Since I have planned to spend a good portion of my day there, I decided to get a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. Just to relax before I begin my journey through the aisles of fantasy. Books take me to a place that is impossible to get with any other media. I like my coffee with a little vanilla and cream. Since I am not being good to my body today I order a huge cinnamon roll. Might as well completely negate my lack of workout today. The lady behind the corner is an old friend. She is so pleasant to visit with. There is no one in the coffee shop but me and her so after she hands me my coffee she asks if she may join me. I really didn’t want any company but she was so polite in the way she asked that I just couldn’t be rude and say no. Her name is Lanie, short for Elizabeth. But I never knew how she got that nickname. She was a beautiful woman with dark blue eyes and long blonde hair. She was wearing khaki shorts and a loose peasant type blouse with flowers and lace. She smelled like coffee and books. Not completely unpleasant but surely not a normal scent. My senses were so in tune with the smell around me lately. Almost like creating triggers in my brain.

“So what brings you to the library today”? “Did you forget to pay your fines”? “We will come after you if you don’t pay up soon”. She loved to tease everyone that came in and make them feel welcome in her own way. Even though she is sort of serious about helping collect the fines.

“No I am looking to find a hobby and I needed to search for a book on woodworking”. “I am feeling a bit low and I need something to perk me up”.

“Well from what I hear, you surely don’t need perking up”. “My friends have been talking and you seem to be doing just fine the perking up department”.

I suppose she meant well and was just joking but I felt a bit ashamed at that moment. I cannot believe that people have heard about my private life. I was so careful to be discrete. How could she have known?

“Well I am not sure what you’ve heard or from whom but I am trying to limit my perking from now on”.  She just smiled and sort of winked or maybe her eyes twitched a bit but I don’t think she expected my response.

“Well if you need any help, just let me know”. ” I know where everything is here and I would be delighted to help you find what you need”.

” I appreciate the offer but I prefer to just wander a bit first and enjoy everything before I get what I need”. “If I get lost I’ll call you”.

I finished my coffee and roll and headed for the canyon of books. I was feeling so warm and peaceful, a feeling I had not felt in a long time. I wandered aimlessly for what seemed like hours. Picking up books and staring at the covers, sometimes thumbing through ones with pictures. I was lost in the moment and felt as though I never wanted to leave. The library was a peaceful and safe place. Everyone was friendly and quiet and just wanted to be alone in their worlds.

“We close in ten minutes, have you found what you are looking for”? It was Lanie. She had just finished cleaning up the coffee shop and came to see if I needed help.

“Wow is it that time already”? “No, I haven’t even looked for what I need”. She pulled a cart from behind her back with at least 10 books on woodworking.

“I saw you wandering around and thought you might like these”. That was so thoughtful of her. She was right, I had lost all track of time and almost forgot why I was there.

“Thank you so much”. “I can’t believe I have been here all day”.”I just lost track of time I guess”.

“No worries, just trying to help a friend”. She smiled and said,”Let’s go get you checked out so I can lock up”.

“Has everyone gone”? “I am sorry that I kept you late”.

“It’s OK, I usually am the last one to leave anyway”. “So any plans for perking tonight”?

I knew what she was getting at but I was determined not to go there. I just wanted to go home and sit by the fire and read about my new hobby.

“Sorry, but no not tonight. I just plan to read until I fall asleep”. “Perking is not on my agenda”.

We left together and I walked her to her car, my arms and hers full of books. I was eager to get home and just immerse my mind in reading. She helped put my books in the car and we went our separate ways.

It has been two weeks since I began my journey into woodworking. I have since purchased a little shop and the necessary equipment to fill the shop. I love the feel and smell of the lumber. I had not idea I would get so wrapped up in this but I spend every waking hour in my shop. I have been creating some beautiful pieces that will probably never be seen by anyone but me. That is not the point, taking me away from my reality was the goal. And it works. I get in my shop around 7:00 am and don’t leave until around 10:00 pm. I have a little fridge and microwave and I never leave the shop. Today I realized I needed to either renew or return my books. Since I have been so passionate about my hobby, I now longer need the books. I have nearly mastered any and all techniques and they just clutter my shop.

It is late so I need to get to the library before it closes. I don’t want Lanie commenting on how I never return on time. She was just locking up when I arrive.

“Is it OK if I drop these off before you lock up”? “I am so sorry to be so late getting here but I lost track of the time”.

“You seem to do that a lot”. “Sure, bring them in and just set them on the counter”. “I will get here early and check them back in for you”. We unloaded them onto a cart and wheeled them behind the desk.

“Thank you for being so helpful”.”I really appreciate your understanding”.

“Well, you can do a favor for me if you don’t mind”.”I have a cabinet in my bathroom that needs the doors put back on”. “I removed them to try to fix a leak in my sink and I cannot get them back”. “Would you mind following me home and helping me with that”?

“Sure, no problem”. “I can fix that”.

I followed her to a little bungalow on the edge of town. She had never married and I am certain this is all she could afford. She taught school for many years, but she found the children annoying and wanted a change. The coffee shop and library were the perfect fit for her.

“Come on in and sit down”. “I will put some coffee on if you like”.

“No thank you, I really don’t have time for coffee, just want to fix your cabinet and be on my way”. What I was really thinking was that I needed to leave before I got involved with her. It had been a few weeks and I was feeling very horny again but my woodworking helped keep my mind off of that.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I really need to take a shower before you begin your work.”. “So there is no need to hurry, I will just be a few minutes. Besides, you could use a break. I hear you have been in your shop all hours of the day and night”. She was right, it was nice just sitting and relaxing. The thought of her taking a shower in the next room was also very exciting. I began to feel the familiar tingle and hoped that I would not get aroused. I was trying to get past that feeling.

“There is some cold pizza in the fridge if you like”. “I will only be a few minutes”. She poked her head out of the bathroom door as she spoke and I could see past her head and noticed her reflection in the mirror behind her. She was naked and I began to get aroused. I didn’t need that to happen now. But I was so horny I couldn’t stop the ever growing mound in my shorts.

“Let me know if you need me to wash your back”. I thought I would lighten things up a bit. Maybe a joke would break my tension.

“As a matter of fact, if you wouldn’t mind, I would actually love that”. Fuck, now what? I was kidding and she is serious. I just stood there for a few minutes trying to decide if she was joking too or was she serious.

“Get your clothes off and get in here”. “I don’t want the water to get cold, hahaha”. Well, that answered my question. She was very serious. I quickly got undressed and walked in the bathroom. She had a large walk in shower that could easily fit two people, with a built in tile bench. The glass doors were frosted and all I could see was the silhouette of her naked body. She was very sexy. I guess I had never noticed before. She was an old friend and I never thought about her that way. By now my erection was on its way to full growth. There was no going back. I slowly opened the shower door and she moved back to let me in.

“Oh my Carter, I had no idea you liked me that much”. She was staring at my erection. “I would love to lather that up if you don’t mind”. She was so comfortable with me being there naked I couldn’t help but think she does this often. But with who? She never was with other men, just at the library all day.

“I thought you needed me to wash your back”. “Turn around and I will do that for you”. I began to lather up my hands and a loofa sponge she had hanging on a hook. I moved slowly over her back and neck. Moving up and down and all over until I reached her ass. By now she had her legs spread and her hands high up on the wall. I began to move my hand under her ass and put my fingers in her pussy and played with her clit. She just giggled and moved to push my fingers in farther. I moved back and turned her around and began to lather her tits. Her nipples were large and erect. I washed her entire body slowly and as she began to rub me with her sponge. First my chest and face, and then to my waiting cock. She moved over the entire length slowly at first then ever faster. She was making so much lather I could hardly see it any longer. I rinsed myself off quickly and took her right leg in my hand and raised it almost to her chin. As I did I moved closer and began to slip my cock into her dripping pussy. I slid in so easily and she was so willing to accept every inch of me. I began to pound her ass against the shower wall as I moved in an out. We were so slippery with all the soap but she held on to my shoulders as I continued to fuck her hard and fast. I could feel her getting wetter inside and more lubricated as we became one body. Moving as though we had done this so many times before. She began screaming and moaning for me to cum inside her. She was cumming now and her body was shaking and almost knocked us over. I could feel the familiar tingling that I felt just before I began to pump. I could feel her begin to tighten as I began to cum. We moved for what seemed like minutes, both of us arriving at the same time. The feeling was intense and so satisfying. We sat on the bench in the shower and just let the warm water flow over our tingling bodies. We held each other as we began to regain our strength so we could get out and dry off. I had never had sex in the shower before and I really liked it. The water rushing over our bodies was so refreshing and exciting at the same time.

She got out first and wrapped a large bath towel around her body and put one on her hair. I just sat there for a couple of minutes and let myself deflate before I finally got out.

“Ok, so where is that cabinet you need fixing”?

“Oh that, I fixed that days ago”. “I guess I forgot to tell you”.


As I got in my car and drove away, I began to wonder what had just happened. I thought I was the dominant one. But I believe I was just taken advantage of. She friended me in the library for the sole purpose of getting me to her home and have sex with me. Wow, I really am a sucker. I am not complaining. She was fantastic and I loved the sneaky way she lured me in.

I have been so obsessed with my woodworking that I have forgotten to go to the club for a few weeks. I really need to workout again. I am feeling so sluggish, and the woodworking does not give me the workout that the gym does. I have decided that tomorrow I will start my old routine again, workout in the morning and do my shopping again. I can save my evenings for my woodworking. Tonight I am just going to chill and watch some TV. Clear my mind and reflect on my life a bit more. I have tried to block the past out but it haunts me without me even knowing it. I find my self thinking about my wife and the life we had and how it was cut short so early. Maybe a little TV binging will help take my mind to another place for a time.


It’s about 7:00 am and I am headed to the club. It is a private club with only about 200 members. It is nice, not because the public in not allowed, but because I never have to wait for a machine. At the time I go, there are few people there because most of the executives that belong are at work. Most of the rest are married women with children and they are going about their day with their kids and lives. I arrived and swiped my pass card to get in. There is usually only one person at the front desk this time of day because of the lack of patrons. Today there was no one there. So I headed to the locker room to change and stretch. It was an eerie feeling because it was like it was closed or something. There was virtually no one in the locker room. The facility was nice because there were private stalls to change and private showers. No one likes standing under a bunch of shower heads with 20 other naked men, especially the men at this club. Most were middle age and rotund. They all had small dicks and I stood out. So I would just use the private dressing room and shower. If I ever went in the hot tub, it was with my shorts on. I was very self-concious of my size. I find even men like to stare at other men almost as they like staring at women’s breasts. Not sure why that is.

I headed out on the floor and began to do a few laps to warm up before beginning my lifting and the machines. I saw a couple of retired friends working out together. A husband and wife. There were usually there every day. I felt sad because I had no one to work out with. They seemed so happy together. They never did anything but walk on side by side treadmills and talk and laugh. It was so nice to see them together. There was one other woman that I had never seen there before. She was very cute and sexy, even though she did not have the “ideal” body. I have never judged anyone on size or looks. I like to get to know the person, not the outward appearance. That tells you nothing about them as a person. I have met some of the most “beautiful” people that had the worst minds. As I always say, it is what is between the ears that is important to me, not looks. She was working on a weight machine and seemed to be struggling with the setup. “Hi, my name is Carter, may I help you with that”? “These machines are not easy to figure out if you have never used them before”.

“Thank you Carter, I am Joanne”. “And yes you may help”. “I just joined today and there is no one here to help me with this damn thing”. “I have had a rough time lately and I have put on a little extra, so I decided the best way to shed some of this is to join this club”. “I work as an executive chef and it is hard not to taste my work”. “I work nights at the new steak house so my days are mine to do what I like”. Joanne was a beautiful woman with a smile that melts your knees. She had a way about her that was quite exciting.

“Well, I am here every day too”. “And I am quite good at these machines”. “Let me help you with that and we will get it adjusted so you don’t pull something”.

She was laying on her back on the bench as I walked around back to make the necessary adjustments. She had a fantastic body for a “plus size woman”. I hate that term, plus size. It implies that the woman is not regular size. I don’t know many people with the ideal body. Sure I have been fortunate to meet a few, but it is very rare. And besides, I would never want to sleep with a skeleton. I am actually quite attracted to women that have a little more to love, as they say.

She was wearing a tank top without a bra. I thought that was strange but let it go. I could see as she laid there and I was behind, she had tiny but perky nipples just showing above the top. Her legs were muscular from standing in the kitchen all night and her arms were fit from moving the large pans. She was actually in quite good shape as I surveyed her body.

“Are you almost done back there”? “I am getting tired of laying here”.

“Almost, I just have to adjust the bench so you don’t hurt your back”. As I leaned over her to turn the knob, I brushed my cock against her breast. I really didn’t mean to do that. But I had to reach the other side and that was the best way to do it.

“Wow, you move fast don’t you”? “I didn’t know I was going to get a cock rub here today too”. “Sorry, I have a sick sense of humor”. “I am not always this forward but I couldn’t notice your penis rubbing across my nipples”.

“Well, I have to admit, I took so long making the adjustments to the machine because I was looking at your nipples”. “Yours are quite unique and I was just admiring them”. “I apologize”.

“Fuck man, no need to apologize, I wear this top for a reason”. “I love when men look at me and I am not ashamed of what I have to look at”. She pulled her tank top up to expose her tits. They were not large, but they were very firm. Her nipples were small but long. At this point our conversation had made them even longer.

“Wow, now look what you have done”. As I pointed to my shorts. I was beginning to, like always, grow. I hated the fact that even the slightest hint of anything sexual gave me an erection.

“Holy shit man, down boy”. “We may need to do something about that” “Hahaha”. “Maybe since there is no one here, we could sneak into one of those private stalls and see if we can get your swelling down”. She had a very weird sense of humor but I loved it.

“No, I think maybe we should just work out and this will eventually settle down”. I walked over to another machine and laid on my back to begin lifting. It was quite embarrassing because I was at full attention. Fortunately, I was able to concentrate on my reps and things began to return to normal. She and I worked out for about an hour, side by side on the machines. We talked about everything under the sun. Almost as though we had known each other for years. Eventually we got around to talking about each others sexual preferences. I told her that I was an alpha male, and that I really wanted and needed to be in control. I was studying about BSDM and found that being in control was what I needed. I also explained that I was a bit uncomfortable with giving pain, even though I loved being able to comfort with after care. Up until my research, I had never heard that term.

“Fuck man, I want you to tie me up, spank my ass, and do what you want to me”. “I would love you to be my master”. “I have to be in control all night and I need someone to control me”. She was like a dream come true. Pretty, sexy and liked to talk dirty to me. I wanted to take her in the private shower and fuck her right there. It was almost noon now and I had lost all track of time. We had so much fun working out together and talking.

“Let’s to take our showers now”. “I am exhausted from this workout”. We both went to our locker rooms and agreed to meet and have a glass of juice after our showers at the juice bar in the club.

“So, do you want to go to my place or yours”? She didn’t waste any time.

“Let’s go to your place, mine is a mess”. I really didn’t want anyone to know where I lived. I was private that way and I really didn’t want anyone knocking on my door at 2:00 am. I still had to protect my privacy. And if she saw where I lived, that would change things as far as our relationship.

“I will follow you”. We walked to our cars and she was driving a Mercedes 2 seat convertible. Obviously she wasn’t hurting for money. She sped off like a race car driver. I struggled to keep up but some how managed. She lived about 5 miles out of town. There was a subdivision with nice homes and tree lined streets. These were very expensive homes and I thought she must be a very good chef to afford this kind of home. We pulled up to her home and she opened the garage door and drove in on one side and motioned for me to pull in the other stall next to her car. I did and as soon as my car was in, she closed the door.

“Come on in and I will treat you to that juice you promised me”. She laughed and opened the door for me. “After you sir”.

I was trying to remember all the information that I had read on dominating and being the master. It all seemed like a blur now. I remember reading about safe words but I really didn’t envision myself ever needing them because it was never my intent to hurt anyone. I just wanted to be in charge and dominate but not really be violent enough to cause harm.

We sat at the island and drank our juice and talked about nothing for about 10 minutes. My mind was trying to focus on how to satisfy her. I knew by this point we were going to fuck, but I just didn’t know exactly what to do or expect. I felt like such a fool in my thoughts.

“Do you have any rope”? I said in a commanding voice.

“Yes sir, let me get it for you”. It was a white soft cotton rope. The kind you would tie a present with but larger. It was soft to the touch and about 1″ in diameter.

“Now take off my clothes and put them on the chair”. She slowly removed my shoes, then my shirt and finally my shorts. She folded them neatly and placed them on the easy chair next to the couch. I was standing there in just my boxers. I reached over and pulled her shirt over her head quickly and with force. She gasped as I pulled it off her arms. I grabbed her shorts and ripped them down to her ankles exposing her naked body.

“Now, give me the rope and get on your knees on the sofa with your head to the back”. “Put your hands behind your back”. As she did, I tied her wrists together tightly.

“Now spread your knees and bend over”. As she did, I lay on my back and put my face in her pussy. I began licking at first then sucking and biting her. She was getting so wet it was dripping on my face and down my beard. She was screaming and moaning as I worked on her wet pussy. I was very aggressive and as I licked and bit, I was pinching her nipples. She must have had 3 violent orgasms before I slid out from under her and stood behind her. I grabbed her wrists with one hand and her hair with my other. My member was now erect and I just forced it in her at little at first, the suddenly, I began to pound her hard. I was slapping her clit with my balls and she was screaming as I pulled her hair and squeezed her wrists. I could feel her cunt tighten with every stroke of my thick cock. I was also swelling inside her and every thrust was closer to the climax we both wanted and needed. Suddenly she began to arch her back. She was screaming.

“FUCK Sir, I’m cumming”! “Fuck me harder sir I need you to fuck me harder”! Her words were like a trigger in my mind. I began long and hard thrusts as my cock began to tingle. I knew that feeling and I also knew what was next.

“Ok bitch, get ready”. “I am going to fill you with my juice and you are going to love it”.

“Yes sir, I am going to love it”. “Please fuck me harder, I want to cum again and again as you fill my with your cum”.

My manhood began to pump and I could feel my balls begin to tighten as I started to fill her with cum. We moved in unison for what seemed like minutes. Her tiny nipples were now as hard as a stiff pencil and about the same size.

“Fuck sir, I am cumming again”. “Fuck please sir, I can’t take any more”.

I moved back and removed my limp cock from her dripping cunt. She fell to the side and was whimpering. I gently removed the rope and lay her down on the sofa on her back and laid beside her. We hugged and cuddled for a few minutes.

“May I get you some more juice or something to eat”? “Just lay there and I will take care of you now”. I went in the kitchen and poured more juice and found some grapes. We sat and drank and fed each other grapes for a few minutes. She was still shaking but her smile told a different story.

“Carter, you have done what no man has ever had the ability to do”. “You took me to a place I have only dreamt about”.

“Well Joanne, you are a very good teacher and participant”. “You are helping me go to a place I am dreaming about too”.


While I am beginning to love the excitement of being a Dom, I am also very uncomfortable with hurting someone. I really need a vacation to get away from the madness I have caused in my mind and try to just sort out my life. I have decided that somewhere warm and sunny is just what I need. I sat down at my laptop and began pouring over the travel sites. I hated travel but at the same time I really need to get away and clear my head. Go somewhere that I can just sit and reflect on my life. All the sites are pointing towards Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Now I know that is a place for families, but it was exactly what I was looking for. A fantasy land where nothing is real and everyone is happy and trying to get away from life, if even for a few days. I booked my airfare and a room at the park. I was really excited to get to a magical place like Disney. My flight leaves in two days so I had a lot of getting ready to do. I had to secure my shop and stop my mail. All the things one does when being away for a week. That preparation alone occupied my mind and helped me focus on nothing but the trip. I was so excited to just get away and have some “me time”.

It was Friday morning and my flight was to leave in 4 hours. I had to hurry to get to the airport on time. I drove myself so as not to have to rely on any friends to take me or pick me up. I parked in the remote lot and took a shuttle directly to my gate. I had no idea that security had become so tight. I had not flown anywhere for years and I didn’t realize all the stuff you had to do just to get to your plane. Security took what seemed forever to get through. Fortunately, I only had a couple of carry-on bags so I sailed through quickly once I got the the check point. I had to do one of those full body scans and that made me very uncomfortable, but I understood why they did it. Just the thought of someone viewing my body through my clothes was unnerving. Fortunately, I passed inspection and was on my way to my gate just in time to board the plane. I chose to fly first class because this was a trip for me and I was sparing no expense. I had never flown first class before and it was quite enjoyable. I was in a large seat and no one was next to me. The rest of the plane was packed with families traveling to Florida, for what I guessed was the same reason I was going. To get away from reality for a while. I could hear the kids laughing and the moms and dads trying to keep them quiet for the other passengers. There were babies crying and business travelers looking annoyed at having to put up with the chaos. The flight attendants were very good at keeping things in order in the back of the plane, and one closed the heavy curtains between first class and coach so as to drown out some of the noise.

The flight was quite uneventful. I had a couple of glasses of Merlot and a snack. I fell asleep for most of the flight. I was awakened by a flight attendant asking me to fasten my seat belt for landing. Wow, that was quick I thought.  The nice thing about first class was that we were first to unboard the plane. I grabbed my bags and headed down the ramp and emerged into a sea of crabby families that were on their way home waiting to board the next plane. Maybe they didn’t have as much fun as they thought they were going to have, or they were just exhausted from all the fun. Either way, I was happy to be there and begin my little adventure. I walked out of the terminal and right on the shuttle to take me to my hotel in the park. Everything was so efficient and organized. Almost like they have planned it that way. The trip from the airport to the hotel was quick and quite pleasant. I met a few people on the shuttle that were eager to arrive at the same destination as me. One was a woman in her late twenties or early thirties. She was with a small boy. I asked him if he was excited to be going to Disney. He was just about to burst with excitement as he told me in detail all the things he had planned for him and his mom. She was quite lovely, but I was not here to meet any women, just to relax and unwind. We chatted a bit but just surface conversation. As beautiful and sexy as she was, I told myself, don’t go there. This is a time to get away from that lifestyle for a week.

We arrived at the hotel and everyone scrambled to get to the door of the shuttle first. The little boy was first to jump off and beg his mom to hurry. I waited for everyone to leave before I got up and started to grab my bags. The driver said, “No need sir, we will take those to your room for you”. I was liking this already. I went to the counter and was going to check in, only to find that they already had my information and all I had to do was just pick up my key card and head to my room. All the asked for was a credit card to have on file. I was really impressed with the service.

It was about noon now and I was exhausted from getting up early for the plane, and having a couple of glasses of Merlot on the plane made me quite sleepy. I decided since I was there for a week, the park could wait for me for a few hours. I went in my room and my bags were already there. I removed my shoes and clothes and decided to take a quick shower before I took a short nap. My room was on the first floor and just outside my patio door was the pool. There were a few adults there and a couple of kids, but most everyone else was at the park enjoying their day. My shower complete, I lay down and fell asleep quickly. I was so relaxed and my mind was beginning to clear. I must have slept for about 2 hours or so when I heard a woman’s voice outside my patio door. She was talking to someone, but their voices were muffled. Being curious, I opened the curtains a little so as to see what was going on. It was the woman and boy I had met on the shuttle. She seemed upset but not at the boy. I opened the door and asked if there was a problem.

“No, we just are having an argument about when to go to the park”. “I am exhausted from our flight from Europe and my son wants to go to the park now”.

I told here that I would be delight to take him if she wanted to take a nap. I explained that I was not a child molester or anything like that, just that I loved little kids and would be delighted to help her out. She seemed to need a little alone time herself. We sat and talked for a while so she could get to know me better and find that I was indeed not going to harm her son. Her name is Amy and her son’s name is Danny. They were a very nice pair. I could see that she was alone, but I decided if she wanted to tell me why she would. I wasn’t going to ask. I told her I would hire a park guide to take him on all the attractions he had planned for the day, and she could just unwind and relax.

“Wow, that is so sweet of you”. “Are you sure you are up to this”?

“Of course I am, I raised two of my own and I completely understand your needing some time alone”. I called the front desk and they sent up a teenage girl named Lori, that was to be our guide at the park. She was so bubbly and Danny took to her right away. We hopped on a hotel golf cart and headed to the park. I told her that we would be back by dinner time.

“I am so grateful that I met you, please have fun and thank you again for helping me”.

“No need to thank me, this young lady is going to do all the work, I am just along for the ride”.

The park was as I had expected. Families running everywhere trying to satisfy everyone in the group by seeing everything they could in a short period of time. Danny was so organized. He knew just where he wanted to go and where he would go next. It was a very efficient outing for us all. The time flew by and it was getting to be about 5:00. Lori reminded us that it was time to get back to the hotel. We walked to the place where she parked her golf cart and we headed back, exhausted but satisfied by a great first day. Danny didn’t stop talking all the way back. He relived the experience many times and told me what he had planned for every day there. I was so impressed by his organization skills for such a young boy.

When we arrived back the hotel, Danny’s mom was just coming out of her room, which was next to mine. I could see that she had just showered by her wet hair. It was reddish and her complexion was that of a Welsh woman. Kind of a rosy glow with a sweet smile and bright brown eyes. My brother and his family live in Wales and they have all taken on the same look. It is a pleasant and happy look that you don’t see in the US. I am not sure if it is the climate or what but they all have that same glow.

“So Danny, how was your day”? “Did you check everything off your list for the first day”?

“Mom, it was awesome, Carter, he said I could call him that, was so much fun”. “And Lori, our guide knows where everything is”. “She really helped me be organized”.

“Well she did better than I would have”. “I was just planning on trying to keep up with you”.

We sat and Danny recounted the day in detail to his mom and me. I paid Lori and asked if she would ever be available again if we needed her.

“I am on staff here and I am always available for our guests”. “Just ring the front desk and ask for me by name”. “I am delighted to help you anytime”.

She was a very pleasant girl for only 18 years old. She seemed more mature. I was lucky to have her as our guide.

“Well, if you have no plans for tonight, I would love to treat my lovely new friend to dinner and Danny sure would love to go to the park and see the fireworks”. “Is that something you can do by yourself”?

“Absolutely sir, I would love to take Danny to the night festivities”.

“Awesome, then I will see you about 8:00 and you and Danny can have a date too”.

I had no plans to do anything more than dinner tonight. I was exhausted and even though my new friend was very attractive, I told myself this trip was not for sex, just relaxation. We all went to our rooms. Me to take another shower and I assumed Danny to take a short nap before his night time fun with Lori.

At exactly 7:55 Lori knocked on my door. She was so prompt.

“I’m here for my date with Danny”. “Is he ready”?

“He is not mine, he is next door with his mom”. “Let’s go see if they are ready”.

We walked out the patio door and knocked on Amy and Danny’s door. They were more than ready.

“Danny could not nap, he just kept talking about going out with Lori tonight and showing HER around the park”.

The two of them left quickly as Danny knew exactly what to do now. They jumped in the golf cart and sped off.

“Well, what do you have a taste for tonight”? “There are so many places to eat, but I would just like to find somewhere quite”.

“I really don’t care if we go out”. “I was thinking we could just call room service and sit by the pool and chat while we eat”.

She was wearing a bikini and it was obvious this was her plan all along or she would have been dressed for dinner.

“I love it, let me go change into some trunks and we will have a pool dinner party for two”.

It was going to be difficult to keep my promise to myself. She was so beautiful and I had to keep saying in my mind, don’t go there. We ordered dinner and the server brought out a tablecloth and set a romantic table for us by the pool. All the families were at the park and we had the good fortune to have the pool to ourselves. We sat and chatted while waiting for the food. I had not felt this comfortable with anyone for a long time. She was quite polite and pleasant. I could tell she was comfortable with me too.

We only had to wait about 15 minutes for our dinner to be served. The server was so attentive. He asked of he could dim the pool lights for us so as to make our dinner more private.

“That would be wonderful”. “Yes thank you”.

We ate in the semi-darkness with only candlelight at our table. It was quite romantic. After dinner we sat and chatted more. I was really beginning to forget what I had promised myself.

“Let’s take a dip in the pool, I came here to swim and I would love to get wet”.

Now I am not a stupid man and I really wanted to think that was a code for something. We jumped in the pool and I said, “wet it is then”.

We splashed around like little kids in the pool for the first time. She was quite playful and fun. At one point we were standing by each other holding on to the edge of the pool. All of a sudden, and for what seemed like no reason, she looked around to make sure no one was looking and pulled her bikini top up to reveal her breasts. They were so firm and large, and seemed to just float on the water.

“Why did you do that”? I was almost speechless. As I stared at her beautiful breasts, I could feel myself beginning to get hard. “Fuck I thought”. “I really need to stay in the water now”.

“Well, it has been a very long time for me and I like you, so I just thought…..”

By now my cock was pushing out of the bottom of my trunks. There was no hiding it now. She reached down in the water and took hold of my now erect cock. I could see the surprise in her eyes as she pulled it up and out of my trunks. As she began to stroke me, I reached down and with my foot, I hooked my toe on her bottom and began to move it towards her ankles. She pulled my trunks down and removed her top. We stood there in the moonlight and candle light naked in the pool. She turned her back to me and moved her ass out a bit from the side of the pool. As she did, I moved in behind her. She took my cock and began rubbing her clit and ass with it. I reached around and began massaging her beautiful breasts. As she moved my cock up and down on her pussy, she would move it in and out a little. Each time moving her ass back more to take me deeper in her tight pussy. The water was so warm and I could feel how much warmer she was inside. Finally, she pushed back and took all of me deep inside her. We just moved slowly in the warm water as if it was a ballet. It felt so good for both of us we didn’t even try to change position. We just kept moving back and forth in the water faster and faster. I was looking around all the time hoping not to be seen, but the moonlight was about the only light so I felt safe. We fucked for about 5 minutes and she began to moan very loudly. I tried to put my hand over her mouth because she was going to draw attention. Making love in public was so exciting, and scary at the same time. But we were so into our love making that it really didn’t matter if anyone saw us now. She began yelling, “fuck I’m cumming”! She must have said it so loud that our server poked his head out of the door and asked if everything was OK.

“Yes, we are fine”. “Can you leave us alone for a little more”?

He could see what we were doing so he just smiled and quickly closed the door. I couldn’t hold back any longer either. I began to tingle and swell inside her. I could feel my cum begin to pump into her now quivering pussy. She let out one last moan and just fell limp in the water. She floated on her back, completely naked and smiling. I told her to at least put her bikini back on. We didn’t need to draw any more attention than we did already. We looked under the water and found our suits and put them back on under the water.

“Wow, you are amazing”! “How big are you”? “I have never felt anything like that in me before”.

“Well I have never actually measured it but it is quite large I guess”.

“Large!!!!! “You are massive”. “I had no idea I could take something that large”.

We got out of the pool and just sat silently for an hour. Dripping wet from the pool and not even looking for a towel to dry off. We let the warm breeze dry us as we sipped our wine and savored our encounter.







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